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Strategy & Business Development:
Garphi offers business development services tailored to your specific objectives. Our consultants draw upon our proprietary knowledge repository, industry networks and contacts to identify, analyze, and develop customized strategies for effective life Cycle management, geographic expansions, newer launches, increasing therapeutic franchise & portfolio restructuring amongst others. Not only do we research extensively to design a clear strategy and road map but also help you draw up and implement well thought through tactical plans for guaranteed success.
Garphi offers customized market development blueprints after taking into account all key variables:

  • Market Size and Segments
  • Sizing up of Target Customers
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Cultural and Geographic Idiosyncrasies
  • Legal and Regulatory framework
  • Barriers to Entry
  • Distribution and Marketing
  • Market related sensitivities

Garphi also helps rope in strategic partners to maximize a client’s market coverage and revenue potential. A typical partner search program consists of the following:

Partnership Development Phase I

  • Research and analyze the markets of interest and focus segments
  • Research and analyze the partners of choice


Partnership Development Phase II

  • Contact, screen and rank partners
  • Submit the best fit partners


Partnership Development Phase III

  • Develop & formulate partner specific customized action points
  • Advise on the deal strategies
  • Assist with negotiations, due diligence, agreement reviews and finalizing deals


Partnership Development Phase IV

  • Assist in Post-deal roll outs and hand hold implementation
  • Assist with conflict resolution & other Expedient issues


Clients not only find our insight and analysis to be of immense help at every step, but also appreciate our inputs & methodologies on effective execution. 
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