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Power your Investee Management

Thanks to our world class skill sets in enterprise management, investments, troubleshooting, corporate governance and performance improvement, many a VCs, PE Funds value our expertise in Pharma & Biotech Space.  Our approach to diagnosis, analysis, deal support and business execution is highly distinctive and intense in its analytical rigor, hands-on management and control of performance. What sets us apart is our ability to…..

Help Build the Business

Our team has an extensive experience driving value creation and positive change. Your investee companies can leverage on our team’s vast Pharma & Biotech experience and insight in operating and guiding the businesses across a number of functional areas.  We aggregate & provide the most important information they require for resource allocation and take informed decisions for building businesses.

Drive Growth

Our battle scarred industry veterans can help augment your supervisory framework in your investee companies to help speed up without being frenetic and thus set the pace and momentum to your Pharma & Biotech portfolio organizations. Our experts can help you to unlock “logjam” management issues and work through indecision in order to drive the company forward and keep the management teams on top of execution and delivery targets.

Guidance on large-Enterprise Tools and Business Processes

Given our vast experience in Pharma & Biotech, Team Garphi, can help your Investee Companies, on composite measures that benchmark the successful deployment of the latest tools and smart processes used in large organizations, & can hand hold & guide them  to manage profitability and growth in a smarter way. Not only can we help the management  emulate the leading processes of large successful organizations in  finding new performance horizons but also coach them to become effective managers and leaders.   

Global Networks of relationships & Collaborative Partnerships

No matter what’s constraining your investee company trust us to come up with unique solutions,  for we often deep dive into the vast repository of global network of relationships and partners. Our trusted network , provides us the deep insights into the economic, social, cultural issues of every investment  opportunity in addition to helping us manage and support the performance of wide array of companies from investment through to exit…

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