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Garphi,in conjunction with another associate, worked with a specialty pharmaceutical company to determine the commercial potential of a reformulation of a currently approved product for a new indication. The project consisted of a review of market research, the pharmacokinetic profile of the product, clinical development pipelines, currently marketed products and revenues in the therapeutic area. Key highlights of our worked included:
  • Interviews with opinion leaders revealed that the pharmacokinetic profile of the product was crucial to defining
        appropriate market segments.
  • A market model was created reflecting uptake in the appropriate market segments and projecting the value of
         the product in two potential market scenarios. The flexible nature of the model permitted additional scenario
  • Garphi prepared a presentation outlining the competitive positioning of the product in the proposed indication
        relative to other agents both in the clinical development pipeline and on the market.
  • AThe launch strategy was firmed up based on Garphiís findings & recommendations.