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A North American company was developing a portfolio of product candidates for the treatment of cancer by combining immunotherapeutic antibodies with chemotherapy, radio-immunotherapy or immune adjuvants. Their technology platform included a series of monoclonal antibodies that target several different cancer markers and have potential for development in multiple indications.
The company wanted to do a clinical trial in advanced pulmonary cancer patients and were evaluating various options. Garphi was able to locate a CRO which offered to recruit patients in Europe and India. The client benefited as we were able to offer time savings of 4-6 months and cost savings of 22 % from the best quotes that they had. Thanks to the project management teams of the client, Garphi and the CROthe trial is progressing very smoothly, the complexities notwithstanding – Recruitment of 48 lungcancer patients, 5 sites, 18 monitoring visits, treatment period of 6 months and follow up period of 30 months.