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A new customer came to us with a challenge: find a source for a key intermediate used to manufacture an API. The chemistry involved a very dangerous reagent that only a few companies could handle. Adding to the challenge-the development required a significant outlay of resources from manufacturer whilst outcomes were not guaranteed. Manufacturers are understandably hesitant to commit resources on difficult projects when return on time and investment is uncertain.
Garphi was able to identify a company that possessed the technological ability to produce the compound. The company was capable but hesitant to embark on the research due to uncertainty. Garphi was able to leverage its experience, knowledge and reputation to demonstrate the merits of this project and persuade the manufacturer to proceed. After a year and a half of work, with Garphi helping to facilitate the process with regular follow-up, communication and meetings, the compound was successfully produced by this supplier. The drug has since been launched. The supplier would be the primary source and benefit from the products commercialization globally.